Get a snapshot of significant moments in West Overton history with this timeline.

Timeline of Moments in West Overton History

1803 - Heinrich Oberholtzer (Henry Overholt) purchases 263 acres of farmland in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

1809 - Henry’s son, Abraham Overholt, marries Maria Stauffer.

1818 - After his father’s death, Abraham Overholt takes over the farm and distillery, investing in expansion of the family business.

1838 - The Overholts construct their homestead at West Overton, a three-story Federal style mansion.

1847 - Elizabeth Overholt, daughter of Abraham and Maria, marries John Frick, a laborer at West Overton.

1849 - Henry Clay Frick, son of Elizabeth and John, is born at the springhouse at West Overton.

1854 - Abraham and his son, Henry Stauffer Overholt, partner to form the A. & H.S. Overholt Company and build a second, much larger distillery in the nearby town of Broadford.

1859 - The Overholts construct a 5.5 story distillery and gristmill building at West Overton.

1870s - Henry Clay Frick enters the coal and coke industry.

1881 - Henry Clay Frick purchases a majority share of the distillery.

1882 - Henry Clay Frick partners with steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.

1919 - Distillery at West Overton closes during Prohibition. 

1922 - Helen Clay Frick purchases the Overholt Homestead.

1928 - West Overton Village opens as a museum.

2020 - Whiskey distilling begins again at West Overton’s Educational Distillery. 

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