Educational Distillery

Visit the Educational Distillery where the tradition of making whiskey at West Overton is alive once again.

A Tradition of Whiskey Making

Our Educational Distillery revives the tradition of making whiskey at West Overton Village for the first time since Prohibition 100 years ago. As the birthplace of Old Overholt, considered the oldest continually maintained brand of American whiskey, the Educational Distillery promotes the history and science of making rye whiskey.
The Birthplace of Old Overholt
Our modern whiskey production draws inspiration from the entrepreneurship of the Overholt family at West Overton, who cultivated a small distilling operation on the family farm into a thriving professional business. The Overholts established the Old Overholt brand of Monongahela rye whiskey, considered the classic American whiskey. In 1927, the Overholt Company was acquired by National Distillers. National Distillers & Chemical Corp’s distilling division was in turn acquired by American Brands and its subsidiary James B. Beam Distilling Co in 1987. Today, Beam Suntory produces Old Overholt in Kentucky.
West Overton Distilling
In 2020, West Overton Distilling began producing its own brand of Monongahela rye whiskey at the Educational Distillery at West Overton Village. Located in our historic two-story brick stock barn, the Educational Distillery distills whiskey with a recipe of 80% rye grain and 20% malted barley, aged in charred White Oak barrels. A delicate balance of temperature and time allows the whiskey to develop its unique flavor. Our Educational Distillery has on display the distilling equipment, whiskey aging in barrels, and the opportunity to sample and purchase our spirits.

Our modern whiskey production draws inspiration from the entrepreneurship of Abraham Overholt, who founded West Overton and began distilling whiskey as part of the agricultural village. Old Overholt, a 19th century brand started in his honor, and continuously produced and sold since 1810, is now distilled and made by Beam Suntory. Beam Suntory has since partnered with West Overton Village to support our exhibitions and special projects.

West Overton Village is a site on the Whiskey Rebellion Trail, commemorating the role of western Pennsylvania’s farmers who rebelled against a tax on distilled spirits in the 1790s.

Visit the Educational Distillery on a Guided Tour

Guided tours of West Overton Village include the Educational Distillery, along with other historic buildings that tell an in-depth story of how a small family farm transformed into a thriving business centered around whiskey production.